dr_salieDr. Salie Abrahams was born and raised in Bo-Kaap which has a fascinating history with many residents being descendants of political exiles and slaves from Indonesia and the Malaysia Archipelago. With his roots in the humble beginnings Dr. Salie managed to overcome challenges mainly through the family principles Islam, hard work, patience, perseverance and the power of DUA. These proved to be vital qualities when he awarded a Fulbright Fellowship and opportunity of a lifetime, to study in America at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education.


Dr. Salie became the first Muslim South African to get a Master’s Degree and a PhD from Harvard in Human development and Psychology. Upon his return to South Africa he became very involved in early childhood development programs. Most prominent was his long involvement in the local Muslim radio stations of Cape Town, his leadership in the now famous TV Show Takalani Sesame where he worked as Director of Research, and his service on the National Children Rights Commission.
Dr. Salie Abrahams is a highly intellectual individual with great leadership qualities which have seen him hold leadership and management positions in many organizations; He was the Rector of the International Peace College of South Africa in Cape Town. Dr. Salie plays a vital role in the Muslim community with his involvement in the Endowment Foundation of South Africa (AwqafSA) where he was Director. In 2014 he joined the Madina Institute South Africa in the driving seat as Principal.


Dr. Salie Abrahams often does public speaking and lecture, amongst his favourite sayings are the following:

“It’s not the outcome it’s the effort”
“Less is more and small is beautiful “
“Whatever you do, do it to the best of your ability”
“Dreams make you somebody, without dreams you are nobody”
“If you can think it, then it can become a reality”
“Adversity can be an opportunity”
“Believe that anything is possible.