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Madina Institute South Africa for Islamic Studies and Research empowers students with the correct and better understanding of the Book of Allah, the Holy Quran and the authentic Sunnah, the prophetic model. Intellectual paradigms are bridged by a curriculum with a balanced and moderate approach to religion.


Aims to be a premier destination for adult-oriented Islamic education in which Muslims from all backgrounds can engage traditional Islamic teachings in a healthy and tolerant environment.
  • AQEEDAH Methodology Ashari / Maturidi / Non-Anthropomorphist Ath’ari
  • FIQH Methodology Shaafi / Hanafi / Maliki / Hambali
  • TASSAWUF Methodology Junaidi-Ghazali


Educating generations of potential leaders, based on the Prophetic Model, to achieve excellence in all fields of human endeavour.  
Based in the award-winning ICON Building, loacated in the heart of Cape Town and within walking distance to various Masajid and in close proximity to most public transport modalities.


The Madina Institute of South Africa is part of a global effort, with campuses in USA, Canada and UK.
Madina Institute offers a ground-breaking, one year intensive Usul-ud-din( Foundation Scholarship of Islamic Sciences) Programme.  This intensive, traditional programme is designed to develop leaders who are schooled in the five foundational sciences of our Din.

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