[textblock style=”3″]In the name of Allah, we seek His Blessing and Assistance. All praise and gratitude is due to Allah alone. Salutations and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah and upon his companions.

The distinction of the Madina Institute for Islamic Studies and Research emanates from contemplation of the Dīn, and its aim: to empower its students with the correct understanding and realisation about the Book of Allah and the authentic Sunnah.

Furthermore, it seeks to formulate intellectual paradigms and to develop a curriculum characterised by a balanced and moderate approach to religion. It aims to link the past with the present and endeavours
to purify the nafs during the course of a Foundational Scholarship of Islamic Sciences academic programme. In this way, the Institute strives to fulfil the demands of Islamic societies in countries such as America, Canada, Europe and South Africa, wherein the Muslim population is considered a minority.

The ground-breaking one-year intensive Uṣūl-ud-Dīn traditional program is designed to produce leaders,
who are schooled in five foundational sciences of our Dīn.

• Qur’anic Sciences
• Sunnah Sciences
• Jurisprudential Sciences with its foundation in the Four Madhāhib
• Islamic Creed, Philosophy and Logic
• Spiritual Sciences and the Purication of the Heart
• Intensive Arabic Language – Program to negotiate Classical texts

These areas of study will prepare the student to master the Sharī‘ah Sciences and will provide opportunities for employment in various fields of teaching, Sharī‘ah consultation, Islamic centres, educational gatherings and da‘wah (calling people to Allah with insight and knowledge), if Allah Wills.