Alumni Activities & Community Initiatives

The Madina Institute strives to provide opportunities for its Usul-ud-Din Intensive students and alumni to continually grow, network, develop their skills and spread their knowledge, good will & inspiration to others. Here, insha’Allah, we will showcase some of the exciting classes, activities and initiatives of our Alumni in Cape Town and beyond!

Sawt al-Madinah Nasheed Classes

Founded by Safdar Ali Ajmoodien and other local youth, the Sawt al-Madinah Nasheed Ensemble has been blessing the community with their vocal talents at local Dhikr gatherings in Cape Town. Now they also host local classes to teach and train others in the ancient art of “Inshad” (devotional songs and poems) and basic Duff (the drum) skills. See their Facebook page for updates and details! Safdar Nasheed Classes_Web Feature

The Living Faith Project

What started off as an exciting Youth Camp initiated by some of our passionate Madina students in 2014 has now launched its own independent nonprofit organization for all South African Muslims, “dedicated to educating Muslim youth about the timelessness of Faith, and the relevance it holds in their day to day lives.”   Check out their website and “like” their Facebook page for more info! Living Faith Proj

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