Donate your Zakaah or Sadaqah towards education. Did you know that you could pay your Zakaah or Sadaqah to Madina Institute? We have quite a number of deserving Students who are at the Madina Institute 1 Year Full-Time Intensive Programme through the generous support of our community. Please assist us in becoming sustainable, any donations to an educational institution is considered as a recurring charity Insha-Allah. All funds received are used towards funding:
  1. Student Fees
  2. Accomodation (Madina House – Claremont and Rylands)
  3. Meals
Should you require more information please feel free to come in to: Madina Institute Campus – 7th Floor, Icon Building, Lower Long Street, Cape Town Or Contact: Dr. Zeenat Gaibee on 082 762 98 62  How can you donate? EFT Madina Institute Trust Account Bank Name: Absa Account Number: 4080940284 Branch Code: 632005 Reference: Zakaah: your name OR Sadaqah: your name ​Online (Secure Payments via PayFast) visa-mastercard Please enter the amout you wish to pay and you will be redirected to a secure online payment gateway. Please email us ( for an official receipt to be issued. 
* Zakaah
* Sadaqah