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The Deen4Teens Introductory Course is a 12 session, interactive course on key aspects of Islam that is designed to educate, inspire and challenge young Muslims towards loving and understanding their faith, and engaging in active and meaningful participation in their families and communities. Description: The Deen 4 Teens Introductory Course utilizes a variety of learning styles to suit diverse learning needs such as facilitated group discussions, short lectures, video teaching, audio recordings and specially designed activities in the area of critical reading and writing, presentation and teamworking skills. The Deen 4 Teens Introductory Course covers 5 main areas: Aqeedah, Quran, Hadith, Seerah, Fiqh Refresher & Tazkiyyah. Goals: By the end of the introductory course, students will be able to Display enjoyment, love, inspiration and creativity in studying and living Islam Have nurtured a positive attitude and deepened their commitment to living Islamic values Reflect on their spiritual growth by identifying their own strengths and areas for personal growth Demonstrate engagement with issues of significance in their lives as teens by drawing on lessons from the content of the subject matter studied Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions as Muslim teens. Display improved skills in groupwork, critical reading and writing, and presentation skills. Meet specific knowledge and skill competencies as determined by each course section. Students completing each section will be able to: Aqeedah: Articulate a clear understanding of Allah SWT free of anthropomorphism Communicate proof of the existence of God clearly and convincingly Discuss the status of Prophet Muhammad SAW, his family & companions in Islam Outline the main beliefs of Islam Quran: Demonstrate an ability to name and briefly discuss the major themes of the Holy Quran Display a basic knowledge of the context and messages of the last 10 Surahs of the Quran Reflect on the messages of the Surahs for transfer into everyday living Demonstrate familiarity with the key high frequency Arabic vocabulary of the Quran – 250 words. Hadith: Display familiarity and understanding of the first ten hadith from the Imam Nawawi collection. Reflect on the messages of the hadith for transfer into everyday living. Seerah: Articulate via story-telling, the highlights of Prophet Muhammad SAW’s life during youth. Integrate the historical knowledge gained with contemporary issues facing youth today. Fiqh: Describe the basic meaning of the acts of Wudu Describe the basic meaning of the acts of Salah List the various types of Salah Tazkiyyah: Appreciate the importance of purification of the heart Gain an understanding of classical Tasawwuf from the Quran, Prophetic Traditions along with the exemplary behavior of the ascetics and saints Learn a few principles of Sufism through the tales and sayings of earlier generations and sages, particularly up to the 5th/6th H (or 11th/12th G) centuries Introduced to an overview of Spirituality as a complete way of life for the early Muslims Venue: Madina Hifz School, Khalfe Road, Hatton Estate (Rylands) Starts: 29 July 2017 Time: 2:30PM – 4:00PM Cost: R200 per month (if able)
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