Masjidul Quds (Upstairs), Gatesville, Cape Town


Aqeedah, Cape Town, Fiqh


Back to Basics: Fundamentals of Faith and Worship

This 12 week course covers Aqidah (know your Creator), and Fiqh (how to worship your Creator) and includes: cleanliness, prayer (salaah) and fasting.

– No prior islamic knowledge required
– Refresh and perfect the basics of your islam
– All welcome, including new Muslims and Muslimas
– Separate classes for Males and Females

 Texts that will be used in the course are:

Aqidah al-tahawiyah by Imam Abu Ja’far at-tahawiy

Matn al-ghayat wa at-taqrib by Imam Abu Shuja’ al-isfahani

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