Habibia Masjid, Rylands


Madina Institute Short-Courses & Habibia Masjid presents:

Men of Honour: Walking in the Footsteps of the Khulafa Rashidun (may Allah be well-pleased with them)

4 Weeks, 4 Caliphs

Join Brother Mohammed Azam for an inspiring 4 week course as we delve into the personalities of Sayyidina Abu Bakr, Sayyidina Umar, Sayyidina Uthman & Sayyidina Ali (may Allah be pleased with all of them).

Today, lets look to these Men of Honour – as role models for our Sons, Brothers, Fathers, Husbands, Friends, Colleagues..

When: Tuesday, the 8th of October 2019

Time: After Maghrib

Where: Habibia Masjid, Rylands

Cost: Free (R50 for printed notes)

Duration: 4 Weeks

Males and Females Welcome

Online Registration

*Compassion, Education, Illumination*







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