Purify your Wealth by pledging your Zakah to a Student of Deen

Madina Institute accepts Zakaah / Lillah and Sadaqah. Your donations will be used to fund the studies of a needy Student of Din.
Donations are tax exempt (Section 18A receipt issued on request)
Pre-pledge by contacting – +27622814898

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Madina Institute Pledge

How to pledge:

Call in Studio (only on Friday at 10:30PM): 011 086 7700


WhatsApp/SMS (anytime): 062 281 4898

Banking details:
The Madina Institute of South Africa Trust
Bank ABSA 
Acc # 4080940284
Branch Code 632005
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Friday – 31 May 2019
10:30pm – 2:00am GMT+2

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Section 18A available on request.