Madina Institute SA Live Pledge & Student Appeal


Madina Institute SA Live Pledge & Student Appeal

South Africa better known as the “Rainbow Nation” for its diverse community in race, colour, ethnicity and religion has fast become recognised for its birth of democracy and graduating into a constitutional state that strengthens the upkeep of human dignity, freedom, and respect. However, as found in many democracies and in fact , in all systems of government, social development and progress is retarded by poor moral fibre and inadequate leadership.

Realising this gap and the urgency to take back our communities it is important that we empower our youth at the integral turning point of their careers to be skilled with the leadership, moral fibre and critical thinking to address todays challenges with diplomacy, love, tolerance, human dignity, respect and honour.

The renowned Scholar, though preferred to be referred to as a researcher, Shaykh Dr Muhammad an Ninowy, an advocate for world peace, is the founder of the international Madina Institute.

Madina Institute South Africa opened its doors in 2014 and has since under the guidance and teachings by acclaimed Scholars of the Islamic Sciences graduated students from the one year intensive Usul ud Din program. A program designed upon the teachings of the Holy Quran and Authentic Sunnah.

Since 2014, the institute has received applicants internationally, some straight post matric, some in university, qualified professionals and adults. Upon graduating from the Usul ud Din program many have progressed into being key community speakers, teachers and or involved in many social development initiatives.

As noted in trade and industry, its success depends on the model adopted. The Usul ud Din program is based on the worlds most successful leadership model and making big strides in the community.

However, for this to be a sustainable initiative that will serve and benefit the community at the depths needed, we would need to graduate so many more from the program, leaving us with two challenges, one having to encourage so many to be part of this one year program and two making it accessible by sponsoring students from various communities that may benefit through the program.

Among the institute’s initiatives and Roadshow they will on the 8 June at 10:30PM host a live pledge line on ITV DSTV Channel 347 where the community & private sector is invited to be of the Ansaar (Helpers) of Madina and sponsor a Student of Din.

fEvery contribution is an initiative towards building the moral fibre and social development of our community. Between 10:30 pm and 2 am on the 8th of June 2018 viewers of Africa’s most popular Islamic station ITV Channel 347, may have the opportunity to pledge by calling: 011 086 7700 or whatsapp or sms: +27 62 281 2898

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