As salam u alaikum warahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu.Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem. The time has come to take the Madina Institute to the next level and everyone who has participated and will participate in this great milestone in our lives will see rewards too numerous to mention InshaAllah. Tonight sees our first ever ITV pledge in support of our students who cannot afford their fees despite them having the attitude ; aptitude and altitude.We are proud of our Madina Graduates who have turned out to be a manifestation of the Muhammadan Mercy to the Ummah inshaAllah and Do not want financial challenges to ever be an impediment to the seeking of beneficial knowledge. Make it count by phoning /texting in @ 10:30pm – 2:30am tonight DSTV 347 with whatever contribution you have even if it is just a good word of encouragement.