29 September 2019, 1.30pm
Cape Town, South Africa

Madina Institute launches a new Hi-tech Campus on the 3rd Floor

Mashaaikh, Dignatories, school principles, university MSAs, media houses & community leaders have come for the ribbon cutting & inaugural first lecture at Madina Institute South Africas New Campus launch on the 3rd Floor of the Icon Building.

Madina Institute home to the Usul al Din 1 year intensive & 3 year Bachelors of Arts degree (provisionally registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training) has since 2014 graduated an average of 500 students globally & has fast become a house hold name in producing leaders of purpose.

The campus shifts from the 7th to the 3rd Floor of the Icon Building that is a Centre of businesses & residents towering a beautiful glass building across from the Cape Towns Convention Centre.

The new Campus that features fully digital lecture theatres with:

– lectures recorded for quality assurance

– state of the art technology that enables lectures at Madina Institutes to be broadcasted world wide

– each lecture theatre has Apple TVs for wireless steaming

– traditional learning meets a modern approach

– its airy, modern features & precision lighting enables a good learning environment

– it also features a fully equipped resource centre & library

The new Campus is a highly recommended fusion of traditional learning in an advanced modern setting in the heart of Cape Town.

2020 Applications are Open & seats are limited for this much sought after Centre of learning based on Quranic Sciences & Authentic Hadith. The new venue is open for public viewing & enquiry between 3 & 5:30 pm today.

The Registrar of Madina Institute, Asgar Mukhtar shared: “This is a big historical graduation for all in the Cape. From 2014 to 2019 Madina Institute has grown in leaps & has achieved great progress in facilitating the Usul al Din programs to so many globally. The 29th of September 2019 marks the culmination of years of hard work, vision & a tireless effort by all those involved.
The campus is designed to enhance the learning experience. From the science behind the placement of audio & visual facilities to the lights & aesthetic feel of the campus, it is all geared for a productive student learning experience.
The technological infrastructure will allow our lessons to be broadcast across the globe, and for lessons to be delivered by scholars from other parts of the world.
Islamic Sciences will always require contact. The exchange of knowledge happens with the air that we share, that being said, the technology will allow for subject experts to deliver material to our students here, and for us to reach thousands of students around the world.
Education through compassion leads to illumination that results in transformation.”

The students are ecstatic with the Student Representative council sharing:” The Madina Institute SRC is overjoyed to usher in the new and improved 3rd floor campus. The airy, modern yet simplistic environment which is designed to create a healthy and holistic study environment maintains the atmosphere throughout the campus. It holds state of the art technology that will aid in the studies for both the BA degree and the Usul ud Din Intensive programs. As this year comes to a close, we look back at it with fond memories. With all the beneficial knowledge we have gained with the help from the lecturers, the admin staff and the trustees behind the scenes, we feel enlightened. Although this program has been incredibly intense, we walk away fully transformed & spiritually uplifted. Madina Institute truely stands by their motto of compassion, education, illumination.
We look forward to seeing new faces of potential students as well as our current students who will continue in their bid for the exciting BA degree. We pray that the new campus, with the blessings of Thee Almighty, further enriches students with beneficial knowledge & a better understanding of the foundations of the din that they will carry with them throughout life & will benefit them in the Aakhira. We further supplicate that this journey is one of growth, enlightenment and enrichment.”
(Aamina Malek, Moegammad Thaakir Abrahams, Mohammed Fazlé Ahmed Mukhtar & Ghouwah Martheze)

The launch which is a private event is being streamed from the Madina Institute media platforms.

An Ulamah program will be the first lecture hosted on the campus with the Muhaddith & founder of the Madina Institute, Shaykh Dr Muhammad al Ninowy.