Sars Section 18A Madina Institute

#Press Release

Tuesday 28 May 2019

The South African Tax Payers Pledge to Madina Institute South Africa

A taxpayer, which includes an individual, trust or company, making a bona fide pledge/donation is entitled to a deduction from the taxpayer’s taxable income provided the pledge/donation is actually paid or transferred during the year of assessment to the section 18A-approved institute, Madina Institute South Africa.

A taxpayer may make a pledge/donation directly to Madina Institute South Africa as it is a section 18A-approved institute.

Any claim for a tax deduction from taxable income of a taxpayer will be allowed only if supported by a section 18A receipt that Madina Institute South Africa will issue on request.

Be of the Ansaar
Friday, 31st of May 2019 at 10.30 pm
Madina Institute SA
Live Pledge on ITV Ch. 347

Pledge Line:

ABSA Branch: 632005
Account Name Madina Institute South AfricaÂ
Account Number: 4080940284
Reference:your cell number + zakaah/sadaqah/lillah


Donate directly online from the website :

Twitter: @MadinaInstZA

Instagram: @MadinaInstZA

Facebook: @Madina-institute SA