sh_brown The Late Shaykh ‘Abd al-Rasheed began his formal Islamic education by memorizing the Quran at an early age. After high school he completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology at ICOSA. He then went on to study Religious Studies at the University of Cape Town, and obtained diplomas in Management, Counselling & Conflict Management, HR Development, and IT training.  He then spent several years studying traditional texts privately with Shuyukh and specializing in Tajwid, Qira’at & the Maqamat of Quran recitation at the Dar Ubaiy Centre. He was the founder and Director of the Ibn al-Jazary Institute of Qur’anic Sciences (1999-present). Under this institute, he then established & integrated the Imam Hafs Qur’an Academy in 2007, a school of excellence for the memorization of the Holy Quran, with a unique and successfully integrated academic program. As an International speaker, lecturer, and accomplished Qari’, he recited in many international Quran competitions, has travelled and lectured widely; visiting a large number of Muslim communities across Canada and the United States, and appearing on numerous TV programs. Over the past several years has frequently been invited to share his expertise on Muslim Minorities in the West / Culture and Identity, with students at various universities and at international conferences in Canada. He taught Tajwid and Fiqh al-Sirah at the Madina Institute. May Allah Ta’ala grant the Shaykh a high place in Jannah InshaAllah Ameen.