Sh AmienShaykh Amienoellah Abderoef is held as one of the greatest non-Arab Arabic linguists & instructors of our time. From Cape Town, he currently resides in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. He is a descendent of Tuan Guru, the 18th Century pioneer in Islamic education and da’wah in the Cape, responsible for its first masjid and madrasa. Shaykh Amienoellah grew up learning Arabic as a second language before studying in Madina and teaching in South Africa, Australia, Syria, Jordan, and Yemen. He holds a MA Islamic Studies & Arabic, Saudi Arabia. He’s established robust Arabic curricula throughout the world, was previously the Head of Arabic Studies Department at the Islamic College of Southern Africa (ICOSA), and is currently working as a researcher for the Tabah Foundation in the U.A.E. with Shaykh Habib Ali al-Jifri. He currently assists the Arabic Department by curriculum development and instruction.