The shaykh hails from Port Elizabeth where he was principal of the Muslim Educational Institute.  He later left and joined the Muslim Judicial Council(MJC) in Cape Town where he served on the executive.  The shaykh now serves on the Imaarah, the supreme council of the MJC.

He studied the Islamic sciences and Arabic language at Al-Azhar University in the faculty of Usul-ul-Din.  He also obtained a diploma as a paralegal at the South African Law School.  He has also obtained a diploma in Marketing and Sales from the Ford Marketing Institute.  He worked as the Area Manager in Sales and Marketing at the First National Bank.  The Shaykh is also a founder member and director of Madina Institute South Africa and heads international relations for the institute.

He currently serves as the Head Khadim of the Alawi Husayni Ninowi Zawiyah in Cape Town.

The shaykh was an activist during the apartheid regime from his high school days remains a supporter of the African National Congress (ANC).  He was also asked by Trevor Manual  to open the biggest rally in Cape Town after the release of Nelson Mandela at the Athlone Stadium.

His motto is “Love to all, malice towards none”