Ustadh Magodien Samodien has been the principal of Madina Institute since January 2016. A Capetonian by birth and upbringing, Ustadh Magodien completed his BA degree in 1986. A year later he completed a Diploma in Higher Education. By 1989, he graduated with a Bachelor of Education specializing in Philosophy of education, Conflict Resolution, School Administration, Sociology of education and School Management at the University of the Western Cape. He has achieved completion in the Symphonia Leadership Training Course, among others, and is currently undergoing an internationally accredited course in life coaching at Sowillo Leadership Solutions. With the permission of الله he successfully established Iqra Academy as an accredited Islamic High School. Ustadh Magodien presently serves as Vice Chairman of the Association of Muslim Schools Western Cape, an executive member of the Association of Muslim Schools national, The Chairman of Iqra Develooment Trust and Chairman of Tuan Yusuf development. A natural-born leader, he is highly innovative and possesses clear-cut communication skills. On integrity, his prominent words are ”I now believe that integrity begins by being true to oneself.”