There is a beautiful saying by Maulana Rumi ,”What you seek is seeking you.” During my early twenties there had started within me a yearning, a thirst for Islamic knowledge. There were many questions that came to the heart and mind. I often asked myself, “Why am I a Muslim? What does this mean? And who is Allah, the One we worship?”. This process, this seeking had continued for a while. Then like a shining light from above, Madina had come my way. Madina, A home, a family. A place where students from all over the world come together in search of the Truth. A place of Academic Excellence and Deep Spirituality. My favourite things about Madina: *Everything we studied and learned was based on the Holy Quraan and Authentic Sunnah. *The focus is on learning and understanding the fundamentals of our beautiful religion. *Using the knowledge to transform your own life and then the lives of others. *Knowledgeable and amazing teachers from diverse backgrounds. *Friends that became family. *Being in the service of creation, remembering that we are all servants of The Creator. Be of the Ansaar💙 Love and duas! Zaheera Cajee